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The Department of business Administration was established in the Year 1991. The Department strives to create young, dynamic and budding managers since its inception. The Department is decked with faculty members with specializations in different domains like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Systems, Operations management, etc. The Post graduate department of Business Administration was started in the year 2009-10 and the department is optimistic to become a Research Department in the forthcoming year.

The vision is to become a center of excellence in management education and research and to mould, polish and develop the future Managers with changing times. It recognizes that India tomorrow will be shaped by entrepreneurs who can creatively leverage knowledge, skill sets, business processes, technology and intellectual capital. The students receive the best and most practical business education, with emphasis on honing the entrepreneurial potential through lectures, case studies, seminar, discussions, etc.


The following are the objectives framed for the conduct of the Under Graduate Course in Business Administration:

  • To Impart the knowledge among the students on the present day growth and development structure of the business in all modes
  • To inculcate the ways and means of the conduct of own business as to become an entrepreneur in the interested filed
  • To make the students understand the banking, insurance, retail and other business functioning in the modern age of commerce.
  • To assist the students to do their own projects of their interest in the respective field as a part of curriculum to keep them abreast with the latest trends and developments.
  • To train them intensively so that they can emerge as employable graduates, managers, leaders and finally the noble citizens of our country by means of academics, curricular, extra-curricular and other activities of the department.

The department celebrates all Indian functions with cultural flavor to infuse the essence of culture in the younger generation. Navarathri, Onam, Pongal and Women’s day are celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm. The students are made to host the events so as to make them learn the art of event management.

The faculties take keen interest in interacting with the society, industry and community and gain the latest knowledge on the global needs. In keeping with the belief of the institution that education which does not mould the character of the learner is futile, efforts are taken for enlightening and tuning the youth entrusted to the department along the code of ethics through mentoring and counseling on a regular basis.

Parent-teacher interaction is facilitated through meetings organized at regular intervals. The progress of the student in personal and career fronts are discussed.


Management Study Circle-BBA

The Department of Business Administration is organizing a weekly programme, named as “Management Study Circle” at the end of every week. It is arranged for the benefit of the students of the Department to have an influence over the presentation skills, exposure, and training on the subject and extra-ordinary areas of expertise of the individuals. This will also fetch the benefit to the individual student, the organizing skill

The Management Study Circle programmes will lane the different titles and topics for deliberation as chosen by the candidates. The participating students prepare a presentation and deliver them in front of the audience of limited number. It will be with interacting after a presentation and concluded with feedback at the last.

It is ensured that the students of the Department will enjoy this opportunity and come forward to present themselves with some different materials prepared on the emerging issues suitable for the present day.

MBA clearly is a qualification sought after for the top managerial positions and fresh management graduates are usually recruited on-campus. Corporate organizations, multinationals, foreign banks, foreign financial institutions, and others attempt to woo students from the top management institutions with lucrative job offers. Remuneration package for the MBAs are among the highest today, as there is a predominant shortage of well-trained managers. The Department of Management Studies seeks to feed the burgeoning demand for trained manpower in the managerial arena by helping the students to acquire skill-sets required to make an entry and be successful.

Journal Alert Forum - MBA

In the competitive world, one should possess extraordinary communication skills and leadership abilities in order to shine in the chosen career. Management Journal Alert Forum of MBA provides a platform to the students to enhance their aptitude, Presentation skills, subject knowledge, and prepares them to undertake a challenging professional career. The Forum meets on every Thursday.

Citizen Consumer Club

The Citizen Consumer Club of Sri Sankara Arts & Science College is coordinated by the Department of Business Administration under the aegis of Consumer Protection Forum, Government of Tamil Nadu, from the academic year 2018 – 2019. The club has evolved its own objectives in aligning to achieve the common goal to educate students about rights of the consumers as provided in Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell provides training in cutting – edge knowledge and skills required to bring out the inherent talents of students and shape them into successful entrepreneurs. Efforts are taken to successfully develop entrancing products and services to solve tough problems in a highly uncertain environment, often under considerable time constraints with very limited resources. Students will be able to apply these skills in the context of both new ventures as well as in established businesses.

Interested students are trained to assess business opportunities and capitalize on opportunities to achieve successes. Hence, the ED cell under the aegis of our department organizes one guest lecture by entrepreneurs every month and skill development workshops twice a year.



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