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Research Publications (in referred Journals) by Department of Microbiology

List of Research Publications [2001 – 2018]

Published in International Journals
  • Radhakrishnan, M., S. Balaji and R. Balagurunathan. 2007. Thermotolerant Actinomycetes from Himalayan Mountain – Antagonistic potential, characterization and identification of selected strains. Malaysian Applied Biology, 36(1); 59-65.
  • Velmurugan, A.M., and C. Arunachalam. 2009. Bioremediation of phenol and naphthalene by Bacillus species and Brachybacterium species isolated from pharma soil sample. Current World Environment, 4(2); 299-306.
  • Balagurunathan, R., M. Radhakrishnan, and S.T. Somasundaram. 2010. L-glutaminase producing actinomycetes from marine sediments –selective isolation, semi quantitative assay & characterization of potential strain. Australian Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 4(5); 698-705.
  • Pazhani Murugan, R., M. Radhakrishnan and R. Balagurunathan. 2010. Bioactive sugar molecule from Streptomyces aureocirculatus against MRSA, VRSA and ESBL pathogens. Journal of Pharmacy Research, 3(9), 2180-2181
  • Suresh G., B. Ramesh., K. Kavitha., N. Ravichandran., A. Suresh., V. Gopalakrishnan., G. Vijayan Siva. 2010. Preliminary screening of antibacterial activity from Palar river basin flora. Journal of Phytology, 2(2); 24-29.
  • Sivakumar, S., B. Ramesh., K. Kavitha., V. Gopalakrishnan and V. Kanniyappan. 2010. Bitter Gaurd (Momordica charantia) peroxidise in decolourization of dyes from tannery effluent. Recent Research in Science and Technology, 2(2); 49-53.
  • Ramesh, B., K. Kavitha., G. Suresh., B. Usharani., N. Ravichandran and G. Vijayan Siva. 2010. Studies on distribution of biosurfactant producing bacteria in contaminated and undisturbed soils of Kanchipuram. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 4(9); 4429-4434.
  • Arunachalam, C., and P. Gayathri. 2010. Studies on Bioprospecting of endophytic bacteria from the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata for their antimicrobial activity and antibiotic susceptibility pattern. International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2(4); 63-68.
  • Arunachalam, C., and M. Bavya. 2010. Impacts of biofouling and antifouling strategy: A review of new studies. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 3(8); 1733-1735.
  • Kamatchi,S., and S. Bharathi. 2010. Single Cell Oil from different agro industrial wastes by oleaginous bacteria. Biotechnology: An Indian Journal, 4(4).
  • Senthil, A.N., K. Elangovan, S. Rajkumar and M. Bavya. 2010. Indole Acetic Acid production and phosphate solubilization from forest soil bacteria. Biotechnology: An Indian Journal, 4(4).
  • Arunachalam, C., A.M. Velmurugan, and P. Ezhilarasi. 2010. Exploiting microorganisms for bioplastic. Research and Reviews in Polymer.
  • Ramesh, B., P. Vadivelu, K. Kavitha, G. Suresh, N. Ravichandran, and G. Vijayan Siva. 2010. Antimicrobial peptide from Euphlyctis hexadactylus and its efficacy against plant pathogens. International Journal of Current Research, 6; 14-17.
  • Diraviyam, T., M. Radhakrishnan and R. Balagurunathan. 2010. Antioxidant activity of melanin pigment from Streptomyces species D5 isolated from Desert soil, Rajasthan, India. Drug Invention Today. 2(11).
  • Ramesh B, Suresh G, Ravichandran N, Vijaiyan Siva G (2011) Microbial biosurfactant for irrigation water conservation: an emerging trend, Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter, 1(2):11-14.
  • Radhakrishnan M, Saravanan D, Balagurunathan R, Vanaja Kumar (2011) Fungal bioprospecting form Sundarban Mangroves with special refrence to antibacterial and antimycobactetial activity. International Journal of Pharm Tech research 3(2):719-723.
  • Mohanraj D, Bharathi S, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R (2011) Bioprospecting of actinobacteria from Yelagiri Hills with special reference to antibacterial activity. Journal of chemical and Pharmaceutical research, 3(3):439-446.
  • Kumaran S, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R (2011) Biofouling inhibitory substance from marine actinomycetes isolated from Palk Strait, India, Journal of Advanced Biotechnology, 10(12):22-26.
  • Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R, Selva Kumar N, Mukesh Doble (2011) bioprospecting of marine derived actionomycetes with special reference to antimucobacterial activity. Indian Journal of Marine Science, 40(3):407-410.
  • Bharathi S, Saravanan D, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R (2011) Exploitation of marine fish associated yeast for their bioproducts. International Journal of Chem Tech Research, 3(3):1514-1519
  • Murugan T, Saravanan D, Balagurunathan R (2012) Production and optimization of single cell oil by oleaginous bacteria isolated from oil contaminated environment. International Journal of Current Research and Review, 4(8):175-184.
  • Radhika S, Bharathi S, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R (2011) Bioprospecting of fresh water actinobacteria: isolation, characterization and antagonistic potential of selected actinobacteria, Journal of pharmacy research, 4(8):2584-2586.
  • Hemachandran K, Bharathi S, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan R (2011) studies on ESBL producing, biofilm forming clinical bacterial pathogen and its invitro inhibitory by actinobacterial extract. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 1(8):201-213.
  • Rajasekar T, Balaji S, Kumaran S. Deivasigamani B, Pugzhavendhan SR (2012) Isolation and characterization of Marine fungal metabolites against clinical pathogens. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease. Vol 2 (1):S387-S392
  • Latha S, Suresh G, Ramesh B (2013) Studies on chitosan production from different fungal mycelium, International Journal of Current Biotechnology, 2013,1(1):9-11.
  • Suresh G, Gunasekar PH, Kokila D, Prabhu D, Dinesh D, Ravichandran N, Ramesh B, Koodalingam A, Vijaiyan Siva G (2014). Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Delphinium denudatum root extract exhibits antibacterial and mosquito larvicidal activities. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. 127, 61-67. 10.1016/j.saa.2014.02.030 (Impact factor: 2.536)
  • Bharathi S, Kumaran S, Suresh G, Renuka PS (2014) Nanotechnology as a novel tool for aquaculture industry: A review. World journal of Pharmaceutical Science 2(9):1089-1096.
  • Kumaran S, Deivasigamani B, Dhayanithi NB, Rajasekar T, Suresh G, Renuka PS, Kumarappan A (2014) Immune response of shrimp (Penaeus monodon) against Vibrios furnissii pathogen. Journal of costal life medicine. 2(4):281-286.
  • Radhakrishnan M, Anuradha Raman V, Bharathi S, Balagurunathan R and Vanaja Kumar (2014). Anti MRSA and antitubercular activity of phenoxazinone containing molecule from borra caves Streptomyces sp. BCA1. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 5(12): 5342-5348.
  • Saravanan D, Bharathi S, M. Radhakrishnan, Balagurunathan R (2014) Production and optimization of L-Glutaminase from Vibrio sp. m9 isolated from Mahabalipuram marine sediments. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 3(2); 2117-2126.
  • Rajasekar T, Priyadharshini P, Kumaran S, Deivasigamani B, Sakthivel M, Balamurugan S, George Edward Gnana Jothi. Screening of marine seaweeds for bioactive compound against fish pathogenic bacteria and active fraction analysed by gas chromatographymass spectrometry. 2014. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine. 2014; 2(5): 367-375.
  • Rajasekar Thirunavukkarasu, Deivasigamani Balaraman, Priyadharshini Pandiyan, Edward Gnana Jothi George, Kumaran Subaramaniyan, Sakthivel Manikkam, Balamurugan Sadiyappan. Antibacterial Activity of Marine Seaweeds Against Clinical Isolated Pathogens and Active Compound Identified by GCMS. Inventi Rapid: Pharm Biotech & Microbio. Vol. 2014, 1
  • Guru Prasad Srinivasan, Asnar Sikkanthar, Anandajothi Elamaran, Caroline R Delma, Kumaran Subramaniyan, Somasundaram Thirugnanasambandan Somasundaram. 2014. Biodegradation of carcinogenic textile azo dyes using bacterial isolates of mangrove sediment. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine. 2014; 2(2): 154-162.
  • Kavitha K, Suganya A, Umaa Rani K, Ramesh B (2017) Screening and partial purification of Hydroxamate type siderophore from Pseudomonas sp. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. 6(9): 2380-2385.
  • Sivakumar S, Anitha P, Ramesh B and Suresh G (2017) Analysis of EAWAG-BBD pathway prediction system for the identification of malathion degrading microbes. Bioinformation 13(3): 73-77. (Impact factor: 0.8).
  • Sivaraman S, Kumaran S, Bharathi S, Suresh G. (2018) Microbial Prevalence Inside the Shoes Worn by School Going Children in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. World Journal of Medical Science. 15 (2): 76-79, 2018. DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wjms.2018.76.79.
  • Suresh G, Raghu P, Prakash U, Chitrikha T Suresh, Kumaran S, Bharathi S, Selvendiran K, Poonguzhali TV (2018) Screening of the Antibiotic Resistant Environmental Bacteria Isolated from Selected Niches in and Around Kanchipuram Town, India. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. 2018.7(6): 3665-3674.
  • Bharathi S, Suganya G, Prasanna Balaji N, Balamurugan S, Suresh G, Nalinasundari MS, Kumaran S and Rajasekar T (2018) Encapsulation and in vitro Drug Release Studies of Anti Tuberculosis Drug Using Chitosan Nanoparticles. World Journal of Medical Science. 15 (2): 76-79, 2018. DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wjms.2018.76.79.
  • Bharathi S, Kumaran S, Suresh G, Ramesh B, Nalina Sundari M.S., (2018) Phytosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Hygrophila Auriculata Leaf Extract and assessment of their Antibacterial And Antioxidant Properties. International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics (Accepted in Press).
Published in National Journals
  • Balagurunathan, R. and A. Subramanian, 2001. Antagonistic Streptomycetes from marine sediments. Advances in Biosciences, 20(II); 71–76.
  • Balagurunathan, R. 2004. Marine Actinomycetes: A promising future of pharmaceutical industry. Advanced Biotech. 16-21
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  • Gayathri, S., R. Balagurunathan, M. Radhakrishnan and K. Kathiresan. 2009. Mangroves, a potential source for microbial endophytes too! Seshaiyana - ENVIS News Letter, 17(2); 3-4.
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  • Usharani J, Rajasekar T, Devasigamani B (2011) Biodegradation of detergent with special reference to sodium sodecyl sulphate degradation –an overview. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter, 1(3):09-12.
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  • Chitra M, Saravanan D, Radhakrishnan M, Balagurunathan (2011) Amylase Production from Pigmented Pseudoalteromonas species isolated from Muttukadu costal area. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 1(2):22-24.
  • Kavitha K, Ramesh B (2011) Alkaliphiles and alkaline lipase: A new insight into an old enzyme, Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter, 1(2):15-17.
  • Suresh G, Ravichandran N, Ramesh B, Kavitha K, Vijaiyan Siva G (2012) Evaluation of Cr(VI)-Reduction Potential of Indigenous Bacillus megaterium S19 Isolated from Cr(VI) Polluted Industrial Landfill. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter. 2(1):3-11.
  • Kavitha, K. Ramesh B. (2012) Chitosan –A Wonder Material for Biomedical and Other Industrial Applications. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 2(1):18-23.
  • Aiswarya M (2012) Chitosan –A Wonder Material for Biomedical and Other Industrial Applications. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 2(1):12-17.
  • Saravanan P and Renganathan R (2013) Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the removal of reactive red 11 dye using dried Rhodotorula glutinis biomass. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 3(1):09-15.
  • Kumaran S, Deivasigamani B, Priyadharshini P, Rajasekar T, Balamurugan S and Gnana Jothi GE (2013) Biotechnological applications of keratin-degrading Bacillus sp. and recycling poultry Feathers as a immunostimulants. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 3(1):03-08
  • Rekha R, Aiswarya M, Sivaraman S and Suresh G (2013) Detection and enumeration of coliforms in drinking water from in and around Ranipet town, Tamil Nadu, India, Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 3(1):16-20.
  • Bharathi S and Kanimozhi S (2013) Isolation and screening of halophilic bacteria producing extracellular hydrolyses from marine ecosystems, Tamil Nadu. Bhamathi Microbiology News Letter 3(1):21-24.
  • Padmini.P, Kavitha. K, Aiswarya. M, Guru Prasad. S, Kumaran. S (2015) Role of Stem Cells in Cancer Therapy – a Review. Bhamathi Microbiology News letter 5(1), 04-07.
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  • Prakash U and Praveen Kumar E (2016) Nanotechnology in the Field of Aquaculture and Fisheries Development. Bhamathi Microbiology News letter 6(1), 38-41.
  • Vinothini H, Ramesh B (2017) Identification of Novel Inhibitor against UL42 Drug Target of Herpes Simplex Virus using Molecular Docking Studies. Bhamathi Microbiology News letter 7(1), 04-08.
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Published in Book chapters
  • Balagurunathan, M and M. Radhakrishnan. 2007. Actinomycetes: Diversity and their importance. In: Microbiology – Applications and Current Trends. P.C. Trivedi (editor), Pointer publishers, Jaipur, India, Pp: 297-329.
  • Balagurunathan. R and M. Radhakrishnan. 2010. Biotechnological, genetic engineering and nanotechnological potential of actinomycetes. In: Industrial Exploitation of Microorganisms Editor(s): D.K. Maheshwari, R.C. Dubey, R. Saravanamurthu R.C. Dubey. I.K. International Publishing House Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi Pp.436
  • A. Selvakumar, S. Kumaran S.R. Pugazhvendan, G. Muthu, S. Dhamodaran. 2014. Short Compendium of Microbiology (Q & A for Nursing). ISBN : 978-81- 92 . Main Springer Publishers.
  • G.Suresh, S.Kumaran and K.Kavitha (2017) Workshop on Diagnostic Microbiology in Collaboration with Himedia – LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Details of Research work carried out in the Department of Microbiology

S.No. Investigator Title of the Project Funding agency Amount[Rs] Duration
1. Dr. S.Kumaran Economically feasible feed development for the culturing fishes from the biodegradable by-products of shrimp and feather waste Department of Science and Technology-SERB-ECR scheme ~24.5 lakhs Yet to be started

List of Completed Research Project

S.No. Investigator Title of the Project Funding agency Amount[Rs] Duration
1. Dr. R. Balagurunathan Potential antibiotic from marine Micromonospora sp. International Foundation for Science, Sweden 4 lakhs 3 years[2000-2003]
2. Dr. R. Balagurunathan Potential tuberculosis drugs from marine actinomycetes Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi 9.14 lakhs 3 years[2007-2010]

Student Project funded by TNSCST

S.No. Name of the Students Name of the Guide Title of the project Year Amount[Rs]
1. M. Radhakrishnan,
S. Balaji
Dr. R. Balagurunathan Potential bioactive substances from marine actinomycetes against plant fungal pathogens 2002-03 5,000
2. Arunagiri Dr. K. Sathiyamurthy Isolation of Vibrio species from fishes 2003-04 5,000
3. S. Mayuran Dr. R. Balagurunathan Halophilic actinomycetes 2004-05 5,000
4. T. Diraviyam
Dr. R. Balagurunathan Bioactive compounds from halophilic Actinomycetes 2005-06 5,000
5. K.V. Ashitha
S. Guruprasad
S. Baskaran
M. Radhakrishnan L-Glutaminase from marine Bacteria 2006-07 5,000
6. P. Mohana Priya
M. Bavya
Dr. R. Balagurunathan Potential antifouling compounds from marine actinomycetes 2008-09 5,000
7. Himani Dr. C. Arunachalam Bioremediation of heavy metals using marine Cyanobacteria Oscillatoria tereberiformis 2009-10 10,000
8. Ms.S. Vidyalakshmi
Mr. M. Radhakrishnan Potential anti-infective agents mangrove endophytic actinomycetes+-s against multidrug resistance pathogens 2010-2011 Rs 6000/-



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