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  • RO. MU. Jauhar, Mudasir H. Dar, P. Vivek, D. Narayana Rao, P. Murugakoothan, Investigations on the growth, linear, nonlinear, dielectric tensor and thermal properties of an acidic molecule: diphenylacetic acid single crystal, journal of Optics, 47 (2018) 28–34.
  • P. Vivek, RO. MU. Jauhar, A. Suvitha, Paavai. Era, S. Ananth, P. Murugakoothan, Habitual growth and its influence on the properties of anilinium perchlorate (AP) single crystal for nonlinear optical device applications, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 7 (2018), 5718–5725.
  • RO.MU. Jauhar, Paavai . Era, V. Viswanathan, P. Vivek, G. Vinithad, D. Velmurugan,P. Murugakoothan, Crystal structure, molecular packing, FMO, NBO, nonlinear optical and optical limiting properties of an organic imidazolium diphenylacetate diphenylacetic acid single crystal, New Journal of Chemistry 2018,42, 2439-2449.
  • K. Sudhakar, S. Nandhini, S. Muniyappan, T. Arumanayagam, P. Vivek, P. Murugakoothan, Synthesis, crystal growth, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties of a nonlinear optical single crystal: ammonium sulfate hydrogen sulphamate (ASHS), Applied Physics A (2018) 124:334.
  • RO.MU. Jauhar V. Viswanathan, Paavai. Era, P. Vivek, G. Vinitha, P. Murugakoothaan, Crystal engineering, structural and optical properties of 2-aminipyridinium diphenyl acetate diphenyl acetic acid crystal, Journal of Crystal Growth 498 (2018) 115–123.
  • R. Arunkumar, D. Benny Anburaj, P. Vivek, RO. MU. Jauhar, R. K. Balachandar, S. Ananth, P. Murugakoothan, Synthesis, growth, frontier molecular orbitals, fracture mechanics and nonlinear optical studies of L-serine methyl ester hydrochloride single crystal, journal of Optics, (2018), 47 (3), 374-379.



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